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The Mission of the B Fund is to educate and empower participants to use their time, talents, and treasures to raise awareness and funds for families caring for critically ill children.

We are a growing group of brave, kind, compassionate individuals who are raising awareness and performing acts of kindness, in small and large ways.

I love the B Fund because it brings my family together. We help other people and we have the most fun doing it.

-Abbey, Age 10

At The B Fund, we teach children to use their time, talents, and treasures to benefit families caring for critically ill children.

Our activities are built around a unique curriculum that encourages children to measure their impact in kid-friendly metrics: hours spent selling lemonade, handmade cards decorated for children in the hospital, or pieces of Halloween candy counted and sorted to help children in need. These “metrics” are centered on acts of giving and kindness.

We help participants track their efforts, share their stories, and reflect on the ways that they can continue to serve their community. Families and educators gain the necessary tools to engage their children’s interest in becoming lifelong givers.

Be Invested in

Believe in the power of giving and donate today.

Our carefully crafted activities aim to:

Educate participants, ages 3 and up, on issues facing their communities and empower them to use their time, talents and treasures for the common good.
Involve participants in age-appropriate activities that enhance critical thinking skills while working collaboratively with others.

Inspire and empower individuals to share their efforts and serve as an ambassador.

Provide families and educators with the opportunity to participate in a meaningful activity that can be handed down from generations to come.

Our activities grow a culture of caring while providing meaningful experiences for children and their families. All proceeds are donated locally, to provide financial and emotional support for families caring for critically ill children.

We’re grateful The B Fund provided us with the opportunity to transfer our daughter to a hospital in RI. Having this taken care of has really lifted a weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on getting my daughter home.

-NICU Parent, Boston Children’s Hospital

In just three years, 11,200 individuals have participated in one or more B Fund activities.

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