At The B Fund, our mission is to help children become lifelong philanthropists; therefore, The B Fund curriculum is centered on activities that are sustainable, engaging, and reflective. Children should come away from our events and activities aware not only of the needs of their community, but the ways in which their acts, no matter how small, can make the world a better place.

“My favorite part of working with the B Fund is watching our actions and activities inspire others. I also enjoy watching a group of people with all different ages, personalities, and ideas come together with a single mission of changing the world.”

-Rebecca, age 15

We're grateful The B Fund provided us with the opportunity to transfer our daughter to a hospital in RI. Having this taken care of has really lifted a weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on getting my daughter home.

Be Invested in

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Since 2014, our grassroots efforts have engaged an estimated 7,700 individuals in one or more of our signature programs. Thanks to the efforts by these individuals, this has afforded us the opportunity to raise the necessary funds to provide emotional and financial support to critically ill children and their families.

A FEW examples to highlight include the distribution of:

12,500 Parking Vouchers
4,000 Meal Vouchers
3,750 Welcome Bags for parents, which provide both comfort and useful tools.
1,134 Be Bags for Patients activity bags which provide a welcomed distraction for kids in the hospital.
2,534 nights of family housing/hotel stays
New “Kangaroo” Chairs have been placed in the NICU to allow parents the opportunity to participate in a form of developmental care vital to a pre-term babies health.