Halloween Candy Drive

The Halloween Candy Drive is a weeklong initiative aimed to teach children the power of giving through items that are truly valuable to children of all ages: their Halloween Candy! Children may not understand the value of a dollar or quarter, but they understand the excitement of receiving candy. This drive encourages children to donate some of these treasures to help sick kids. In the process, The B Fund contributes *$.25 to local organizations for each piece of candy donated from a child’s personal stash. *(Up to $25,000.)

Some kids have a hard time understanding the value of a nickel or dime. Now, if you ask your child the value of a Twizzler or a chocolate candy bar, their eyes may light up as if they uncovered a pot of gold. The B Fund believes a child’s candy is gold and feels this activity is a simple way to empower kids and teach them that giving up a few pieces of their candy will shine a light on families in need.

-Kathleen VanDernoot, Founder

Once collected, volunteers inspect, sort and place the candy into bags that are customized with a personalized note of encouragement and/or thanks. These delicious treasures are then delivered to the staff and family members who are caring for these children.


  • 10,392 individuals across SIX states have been engaged
  • 247,016 pieces of candy collected
  • $67,500 raised to support critically ill children and their families.

Looking to join our efforts?