Host an Event at Your Workplace

Incorporate The B Fund’s activities in your workplace to help us grow a culture of caring in our communities. You can participate in the following activities:

Lemon–AID Stand & Sweet Sale

Participating in our Sweet Sale is a wonderful opportunity to empower your colleagues to use their time, talents and treasures to support families caring for critically ill children.

Whether you decide to sell these items from your break room or incorporate a Sweet Sale at your company’s special event, the choice is entirely yours. Our comprehensive tool-kit walks you through the entire activity and provides you with everything you need from start to finish. All you need to do is decide the “Who, What, Where and When?”

Using your time, talents and treasures to help others has never been so easy to do!
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Be Bag Drive

Looking to make a difference? Rally your coworkers or clients together and host a drive to collect the necessary supplies to create “Be Bags” for patients and their families to have on-hand during their time in the hospital. These activity bags provide patients and their families a special diversion as they wait to see the medical staff and/or undergo treatment.

The B Fund’s Be Bags have made a tremendous difference since we have received them – creating a positive distraction during a very tough time for a sick child.

-Harriet, Nurse – Critical Care Team, Boston Children’s Hospital

Each bag is created with activities geared to a specific age range and contains activities that spark conversation and offer endless hours of fun. Once created, each bag is sealed with a personalized get-well card aimed to brighten the recipient’s day.

Since 2014, 1,134 Be Bags have been distributed to local hospitals where they have been placed on ambulances and on in-patient floors providing children a much needed distraction during their stay.

The Halloween Candy Drive

The Halloween Candy Drive is a weeklong initiative aimed to teach children the power of giving through items that are truly valuable to children of all ages: their Halloween Candy! Children may not understand the value of a dollar or quarter, but they understand the excitement of receiving candy. This drive encourages children to donate some of these treasures to help sick kids. In the process, The B Fund contributes *$.25 to local hospitals for each piece of candy donated from a child’s personal stash. *(Up to $25,000.)

Some kids have a hard time understanding the value of a nickel or dime. Now, if you ask your child the value of a Twizzler or a chocolate candy bar, their eyes may light up as if they uncovered a pot of gold.

-Kathleen VanDernoot, Founder

The B Fund believes a child’s candy is gold and feels this activity is a simple way to empower kids that giving up a few pieces of their candy will shine a light on families in need.

Once collected, volunteers inspect, sort and place the candy into bags that are customized with a personalized note of encouragement and/or thanks. These delicious treasures are then delivered to the staff and family members who are caring for these children.