Change Makers

Meet the Change Makers, our Youth Advisory Board. This growing group of brave and helpful kids are not only performing acts of kindness, both small and large, they are contributing their voices to help shape our programs. Change Makers are divided into three groups:

Mini: 6th – 7th Grade
Junior: 8th – 9th Grade
Senior: 10th – 12th Grade

Change Makers gain an opportunity to learn about The B Fund, its daily operations and the grant making process. At the end of each year, Change Makers participate in a giving circle that will enable them to allocate a specific amount of funds to a local organization providing resources to critically ill children and their families.

Be inspired and check out our current group of Change Makers below.


Age: 12
Favorite Activity: Basketball
Favorite TV Show: Friends


Age: 13
Favorite Activity: Writing & Baking
Favorite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars


Age: 15
Favorite Activity: Music/Music Production
Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things


Age: 12
Favorite Activity: Soccer and Baseball
Favorite Movie: Avengers: Endgame


Age: 13
Favorite Activity: Biking & Softball
Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds


Age: 12
Favorite Activity: Overwatch & Tennis
Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things


Age: 8
Favorite Activity: Arts & Crafts
Favorite TV Show: Survivor


Age: 10
Favorite Activity: Tennis
Favorite TV Show: iCarly


Age: 10
Favorite Activity: Basketball and Baking
Favorite TV Show: The Great British Bake Off


Age: 11
Favorite Activity: Golf
Favorite TV Show: Teen Titans Go


Age: 10
Favorite Activity: Video Games and Ninja Warrior
Favorite Movie: Avengers:Endgame


Age: 11
Favorite Activity: Acting & Gymnastics
Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms


Age: 17
Favorite Activity: Golf
Favorite Movie: The Blind Side


Age: 14
Favorite Activity: Tennis and Technology
Favorite Book: The Hunger Games


Age: 15
Favorite Activity: Social Justice and Soccer
Favorite Book: The Hate You Give

Interested in becoming a Change Maker?

At The B Fund, we know that every individual is different; not all individuals will have the same amount of time, the same talents and interests, or the same treasures to give, and that’s ok! In fact, we welcome these differences and believe it is important to gain insights from all walks of life.

To learn more about becoming a Change Maker, email us at or follow us on Instagram @thebfund.