Meet Jen! She is kind, smart and generous.

Jen is the owner of Legit Activewear, a Best of Boston award winning multi-brand fashion fitness store with a collection featuring the most sought-after designers in the industry. Located at The Street in Chestnut Hill and in Wellesley, Legit Activewear has quickly become a favorite place to shop for many.

Legit Activewear served as one of our newest partner’s in the 2018 Halloween Candy Drive. To get to know Jen and the culture over at Legit a little better, we asked her a few questions:

Three words to describe your business: Luxury, fitness and fashion.

If your co-workers had to describe you in three words, what words would they use? Workaholic, genuine and generous.

Are there any fun facts or interesting bits of information about your business that may surprise others? Yes, Legit has become quite the resourceful community! Customers start talking to each other and sharing recommendations for new realtors, tutors, trainers, therapists and even babysitters!

Why is it important for your business to help others? Nothing makes me happier then outfitting someone in something that makes them feel good. Working in retail is about bringing happiness to others! Whether it is through clothing, sneakers or candy, bringing happiness or fulfilling a need is important!

Favorite Halloween Candy? York Peppermint Pattie

Halloween Costume? 80’s aerobic instructor

What three pieces of candy would you donate out of your Trick-or-Treat bag? Nerds, Lollipops or anything with nuts. My daughter is allergic to nuts.

Finish the following statement: Helping others feels……GOOD BECAUSE YOU ARE POSITIVELY IMPACTING ANOTHER PERSON’S LIFE.